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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the best platforms that help businesses to raise brand awareness and also helps market products and services. Leveraging social media channels is an excellent way to reach new customers and engaging new ones. Our team of social media experts helps in understanding your journey and make an informed decision on where and how to run ads on the variety of social media platforms to help you build more followers and generate more revenue.

Campaign journey

We will study and map out the customer journey and plan campaigns accordingly for the various social media channels by implementing various targeting methods and determine the way the brand should move towards solving their problems. 

Test & Optimize results

The next step is testing different ad creatives, messaging as well as curating content after understanding the journey of your target audience.

We will monitor engagements and customer involvement based on our creation.

We will help in brand recall and increasing your followers to create better brand exposure and also help in increasing conversions.

Ad Creatives

We craft unique creatives in different ad formats for your social media channels to stand out from the competition. We will help you increase followers, focus on the right hashtags, increase brand awareness, improve conversions and get relevant traffic to your website.

Pixel Setup and Remarketing

We will monitor the audience’s interests and behavior on your website and target them with ads that can make them consider and recall your brand. Our team will implement and set up pixel tracking codes on your website to achieve this objective.

Audience Segmentation

Our team will segment your audience and create advertisements that will be displayed to each unique buyer persona to make sure you are showing the right ads to the right people.

Evaluation & Optimization

We evaluate the insights of your target audience and continue to make changes to your advertisements and campaigns in order to optimize results.

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