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In the software engineering, the term data modeling is the foremost process of generating the perfect data model for your information system. It is finally done by applying the formal data modeling techniques.

Now, the question is – What is data modelling? Data modeling is the method of creating the data model for the data to be stored in the database. This process conceptually represents the data objects and the association between different types of data objects, & the rules.

What are data modeling tools?

Data modeling tools are the important tools which help you to create your database structure from diagrams, & thereby it becomes an easier to form the perfect data structure as per your need. All such kind tools provide features such as the creation of the data structure using diagrams, forward and reverse engineering documentation, reporting, import & export facility, support for the multiple databases, etc. Some of the best data modelling tools are used online as well.

Following is the handpicked list of Top Data Modeling Tools which are commonly used nowadays. The list contains open-source or free & commercial or paid data modelling software.

  • Archi

A free & open source visual modelling & design tool, Archi is particularly used to generate models & modelling sketches. The tool is initially funded by Jisc between the year 2010-2012. This data modeling tool particularly supports the ArchiMate 2.1 modelling language. This is the technical standard, created by Open Group. By offring an open source reference implementation of the ArchiMate, Archi is currently one of the tools which are used to implement Open Group ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format. Moreover, the 2.1 version of this tool is the free version & supports cross-platform sketches, & it is an open source platform as well.

  • ER/Studio

ER/Studio is the intuitive data modelling tool which supports single & multi-platform environments having native integration for the big data platforms like MongoDB & Hadoop Hive. It can forward & reverse the engineer models, including a compare & merge function and are capable to generate reports in various formats such as XML, PNG, or JPEG. Built-in features in this tool automate routine tasks & support the popular database platforms. Moreover, ER/Studio is the great tool that is easy to start working with due to its intuitive design & good user support.

  • Power Designer

PowerDesigner is questionably the industry’s foremost data modelling tool. The tool has numerous features such as fully integrated models, different modelling techniques which cater to both the IT-centric audience & non IT-centric. The tool also supports the powerful metadata repository & a variety of output formats. It has the nice & polished user interface having easily readable help the documentation aiding user to quickly solve ad hoc problems.

  • CA ERwin

ERwin is one of the most important data modelling solutions which provides the simple, polished user interface for complex data environment. It is the tool that provides business agility having models & metadata that can be managed in the common repository which helps to ensure consistency & security. In addition, ERwin tool supports high customisation & automation that allow macro language, APIs, custom data types, & much more. This tool also has an extensive user community that enables consumers to share their knowledge & expertise.

In conclusion, rely on the above mentioned data modelling tools that helps you to gain a win-win situation in your industry and finally keep it up!

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