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Designing Smart Chatbots Without Experience

The first and the foremost thing one needs is a chat bot engine for their website. Designing a chatbot without any experience is no longer daunting. There are numerous engines out there that are available to you, & research is in order to find the one that fits your requirements. You will find that some have to be bought, while others are free. There are even some engines which are hosted on the private website, with tools to help you get started. If you are beginner Bot Master, this article is a great place to get started with.

Brands or business now need to ramp-up & self-educate internally at pace. They will have to examine whether their products & services can translate into the conversational natural language experiences. For designers, we have to accept that the expectations of our role are broadening quickly. Automated & chat bot conversational UI is just one of many current trends in technology that we need to invest in, self-educating daily. The role of the user experience designer is increasingly an ‘always on’ practice, evolving daily.

How to create chatbot?

  • Pick something that you actually want to use for your website

Assuming you first chatbot will be by you, for you, and you have to pick something that you are interested in. Explore what you know, especially in you first few bots, try to make it easier to find your flow, & be able to experiment creatively.

  • Use a few bots

And, one of the great ways to figure out what type of designer you are is to see what’s out there. There are various kinds of Facebook, SMS & Slack Bots in the wild, and all with different uses and different personalities. Same as when you are creating your own brand personality on social media channels and you have to check out who is doing it right & who’s not, seeing the best practices will help you to notice the essential patterns & see where you could improve your conversational experience.

  • Focus on AIML Scripting Language

The first thing you will have to do is give your bot engine a brain. AIML is scripting language that most commonly used for the online chat bot brain, & it will most likely be a language that you will use to script yours. Moreover, there are thousands of tutorials online on how to create AIML scripts that far exceed limits of this article. There is no need to fear though, if you are just starting out. There are the AIML brain starter sets which can be found all over the web, and they can save you a lot of time by using one. You have to prefer the very popular Alice brain sets, which you can find at If you choose to use a starter set, be sure to go through each AIML file within a set line by line to make any changes required. Going through scripts carefully is very important! You would not want your bot to say “Hello, my name is Alice” now would you?

Indeed, once you have a starter AIML set scripted for your chat bots brain, it is time to create your own scripts to distinguish your chat bot. This can be daunting at first for the new bot master, for learning a new language is not an easy task. And, the great technique is to build a library, it is the great way to help out with the learning curve. You can start off using the existing AIML library which will assist you get on the fast track to scripting your bots intelligence. Though you will perhaps eventually want to generate your own one day, to fit your own personal requirements.

You now should also have enough information to get started at getting the chat bot for your website, give it a brain, and a technique to help you learn & script your AIML files faster. What are you waiting for now? Start reaping the benefits which chat bots have to provide your website & your valuable website visitors.

  • Find the flow which is profitable

You did all of background work, & now it is the time to write! There are ‘n’ numbers of ways to draft a script, and most of the individuals use word documents, you should use a Google Sheets template, & there are a few mock up websites that lay it out in a more “real” way.

Follow the above step and create your own chatbot in a perfect way. You can also use various free templates and designs available online.

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