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Beginner’s Guide to Media Planning and Buying

If we are honest, we would rather forget about the planning & just go to the adverts. However, a perfect planning is a significant part of all major business decisions & advertising is surely no exception.

The media planning and buying efforts should involve conducting the some targeted brand and specific research to assess the recall & viewership and readership of the particular campaign. There is a lot more to it than buying & designing ads.

As said, the good media plan does not have to take an age to prepare & implement. Below are some tips that you have to follow for a profitable media planning –

  • Know your Target Audience

Media planning & buying efforts go down into the drain if they do not effectively reach to target audience. There are numerous media companies that firstly have to clear the idea of target market’s demographics like age, income level, gender, & media habits. There are various common trends among the media planners which help them to create the composite avatar of the person who has all characteristic trait of their target customers. And, that avatar is used by the media companies to classify where the target audience takes media; TV, Radio, online, etc. and before deciding on media planning strategies.

  • Define Your Goal

What is the exact goal of your specific campaign? Is it to encompass your brand or business awareness among customers? To announce the new product line? Enhance your sales? Get individuals to sign up for webinar & newsletter of your website? Each of your ad campaigns have to be assigned to just one precise goal. You should not plan the media without a targeted goal in mind.

  • Plan the Specific Details of your Ad Campaigns

How long do you need your Ad Campaign to run? Is your Ad is an annual media plan you are putting together? Or is it an exceptional promotion which help you to accompany your current media plan? Moreover, you should also focus on your media budget, keeping in mind that what are your advertising results. Do you have enough to endure the solid testing period?

  • Determine the Perfect Media Mix

By attaining the deeper and purposeful understanding of your target audience, there are various media companies that can make the media planning more profitable & efficient. Media companies can also opt for the mix of various effectual media channels for their campaigns and all such campaigns are depending on preferences of target customers.

  • Implementation of your Plan

Now you have a purposeful plan. Now it is the time to get-set-go in motion. It is when you have to buy your own media. Media buying is purchasing of the space in selected media. It involves committing to media provider, submitting ad, & paying your bill. It is the most exciting part. And, you see all your hard-work come together in a great way.

Bonus step – Think mobile

It is a good chance you are reading this on your mobile, 58% of the online traffic now goes via mobile. When planning the media, you have to make sure that you reach the exact targeted audience where they are by planning the mobile first and then desktop & offline media. It means, you have to use various channels such as Twitter which most of the people primarily access on their phones.

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